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October 14, 2021 2023-12-20 7:37
Tinder for Food

Meals and food matching

Why using our app

Save time on meal selection


App will suggest you what to try out and where you can order it from!

Healthy Diet

Choosing the right portion, the right ingredients... We got you covered!


Great affiliate marketing tool that will drive customers also give you a little insight on your business


Use of AI for meal suggestions and understanding your diet


Use of technologies, for suggesting and getting your favorite bite delivered


Track your daily health metrics to provide the best possible meal
How it works

In 3, oops sorry 2 easy steps



register and choose your preferences


Like/Dislike 3 times will give our AI all it needs for meal suggestions


No third step, the application works in the background suggests healthy meals and directs to you ordering

Tinder for Food

awesome features

Upcoming updates

Health metrics

We truly believe your diet is not static, and it hardly depends on how you spend your day. Taking into account your health metrics is key feature in suggesting your next meal

Personal targets

Soon you can tell us your personal targets(weight, diet change etc.) and we would let our algorithm know and make decisions to reach your target

App Screenshots

Move from 3 steps to 2 steps

Meet Our Team

A food industry app like no other

Farhad Jafarov

CEO - Product Owner, Software Engineer



Agshin Rajabov

CPO - Product Design,
Software Engineer

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